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Integrity, Confidentiality and Competence

A code of ethics governs the way in which professionals including coaches’ practice.

As a coach I am bound by the coaching academy code where I train: ‘All staff, tutors, students, graduates, associates and members of The Coaching Academy must agree to follow the Code of Professional Conduct (The Code). Alleged breaches of The Code will be fully investigated by The Coaching Academy and, if proven, may lead to the expulsion of the Coach and the withdrawal, without compensation, of all and any rights previously bestowed by virtue of that individual’s connection with The Coaching Academy’.

You will be given a copy of the code of ethics during your first meeting with me.

As a coaching psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) I will abide by the code of conduct governing the work of psychologists. This code can be found on the British Psychology society website.

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