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How clients connect with their coach's approach is important to successful coaching. Here is my approach.


Inspired Coaching

The greatest inspiration for your experience of coaching will be you! My role in working with you is to draw out that which inspires you. 


My approach is informed by psychological evidence and coaching practice. This means I am drawing on a long history of research in areas related to coaching, for example, goal-setting, time management, positive psychology and others to ensure my work with clients is based on the best that psychology has to offer.


I aim to provide clients with clarity of thought and action, commitment to their growth and connection between what matters to you at a deeper level and the world around you. This draws on and develops your psychological strengths so you can engage the world with passion, courage and energy. Ultimately your needs, interests and aspirations are at the core of this approach while working towards making your dreams and aspirations become reality.

Growth-oriented challenge

There is no point in coaching unless you end up with growth and are pushing yourself through your own resistance to vital personal change. I work in a way that always respects my clients integrity and autonomy and aim to advance their agendas, through providing appropriate challenges and opportunities for growth.


I work primarily via skype or phone, although I can also arrange face to face sessions by negotiation. From experience, many clients lead busy lives and the ability to connect digitally provides a compromise to fitting coaching around people’s time. This also provides flexibility in terms of the times of the day I can offer coaching. Sessions can generally be booked between 7 pm until 9 pm in the evening or outside these hours by prior arrangement


As outlined elsewhere in this website, coaching is not counselling and mentoring although it shares some similarities. Work I do with clients is coaching and NOT mentoring NOR counselling.


Getting the most from coaching time

During the sessions, I will be focussing on your goals and work with you on achieving these. It may mean helping you explore, discover experiment with different ideas around how you might want to design your future. There are some expectations that I have of you that are important for coaching to work.

  • Your commitment to the actions we agree

  • The solutions are already in you - my role is to help bring them out and help you develop the creativity to make them work for you.

  • Your engagement with the actions between sessions

  • That you work on goals that are important to you (not just because you feel you ought to work on them)

  • You are responsible for the success of your actions

  • We talk honestly about the progress you are making and to review coaching goals from time to time.

  • Occasionally I might challenge you to push you outside your comfort zone by prior agreement (Don't worry I work in a very professional and friendly manner).


Professional Ethics

​A code of ethics governs the way in which professionals including coaches’ practice.

As a coach, I am bound by the coaching academy code where I trained. Alleged breaches of The Code will be fully investigated by The Coaching Academy and, if proven, may lead to the expulsion of the Coach and the withdrawal, without compensation, of all and any rights previously bestowed by virtue of that individual’s connection with The Coaching Academy’.

You will be given a copy of the code of ethics during your first meeting with me.

As a coaching psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), I will abide by the code of conduct governing the work of psychologists. This code can be found on the British Psychology society website.


When you decide to get in touch for some coaching, this is what to expect before starting any coaching:

  1. After you contact me, I will come back to you as soon as possible to have a no obligations conversation about our possible coaching relationship.

  2. This conversation will give you a chance to ask any questions and for me to get a sense of what you want to work on and what sort of coaching engagement you need as well as whether I am the right coach for you. 

  3. I then will send you a coaching package tailored to your needs.

  4. You can ask me further questions

  5. Once you are happy to proceed, we both have a signed agreement and coaching commences according to the schedule agreed in our coaching agreement.

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