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“All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation.”

Max McKeown


Finding your way in today's busy and uncertain workplace

COVID 19 has resulted in significant changes to the modern workplace, both in terms of people's experience of work as well as their focus on what is important in their lives and how much priority they are assigning to their work.

Working from home has left many feeling that the balance of their work and home life has been lacking before COVID and working flexibly has opened up a new experience of work. As businesses return to more traditional arrangements, many people are resisting returning to the office full time and finding a match with one's desires has become the reason for many to leave their jobs and look for flexibility when their old employer has little to offer.

  • This is a time for exploration to discover what you want from your career from your employer and to negotiate a new way of 'doing' a career. 

  • You may already be in the process of changing employers or career but may be unsure where to take it. 

  • You may have decided that the present career is not the one you feel satisfied in and are looking for change but are unsure what to do.

  • You may want to optimise the fit between your career and your dreams and aspiration. 

If any of these describe you I can help you to make a career transition into a career that works for you.  Contact me for a discovery session to see how I can help you achieve the outcomes you want.

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