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A short explainer of transformational & mindset coaching

First and foremost coaching is a conversational experience that has the potential to transform your life. This may be a bold statement, however, based on my own experience and that of others this is true.

People often get stuck with goals they want to pursue, undecided or unsure how they are going to meet them. Often they have an inner voice telling them that they cannot succeed or make excuses for why they cannot progress. These are mindset issues. The problem in moving forward is largely centred in internal conflicts (values, emotions, thoughts, expectations and goals)

Coaching conversations provide a neutral space and independent perspective for people to discuss their life plans and goals in a safe space with the sole aim of helping you, the client, to take the action needed to progress. The experience of being coached over a period of time is that of a partnership with the benefit of clarifying your direction, values and action. The result of this is living a life that feels more authentic and rewarding.

Transformational & Mindset Coaching is:

  • A positive and robust process, tailor-made to suit the agenda of each client, designed to match each client’s goals to their values and focus on the future.

  • A holistic process for addressing the needs of the whole person

  • Founded on a unique, productive, interactive relationship between coach and client based on the 100% mutual commitment of both parties

  • A method for raising awareness and encouraging responsibility for one’s success

  • A process of motivating and facilitating people to live to their true potential by setting and achieving self-defined goals

  • Based on the premise that all clients are creative and resourceful and capable of change

  • A partnership which challenges clients to recognise and build on their strengths, explore their current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forwards

  • A means of providing a fresh perspective on each client’s situation and exploring a range of options for growth and development

  • Designed to keep clients on track to pursue their goals, celebrate their successes and achieve their desired outcomes

  • Is focussed on the future being a different experience to the past and the present situation

  • An approach that creates the future by optimising the inner game.

Coaching is not:

  • In-depth counselling or therapy on emotional or traumatic issues

  • focussed on the past

  • a process where the coach makes the decision for the client or advises which is the best decision

Contact me for an informal conversation or just a brief conversation on the phone or email if you want to move forward in one of the areas below:

  • Making difficult decisions on your career.

  • Helping you clarify your personal goals, your options and what you can do to get there

  • Improving your effectiveness in any area in your life

  • Developing your relationships at work home and family

  • Improving your social experience

  • Dealing with difficult relationships

  • Dealing with a stressful job

  • Promoting your activities (hobbies, exercise)

  • Overcoming personal problems

  • Making changes in your lifestyle but are struggling to make progress

  • To help you with self-development in any area of your life.

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